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Water woes likely to continue

Posted on January 4th by Tom Yulsman.
As Colorado snowpack suffers, La Niña could persist into summer According to the latest forecast from the Climate Prediction Center, issued yesterday, the La Niña conditions that have contributed ...

Natural disasters were big news in 2011

Posted on December 22nd by Tom Yulsman.
But the environment generally barely registered in the news media and public mind Attention by the U.S. news media to environmental topics dropped from almost nil to all but nil in 2011, ...

Nothing new under the sun

Posted on December 22nd by Tom Yulsman.
The climate change wars have several historical precedents — right down to the nastiness and idiocy Both Nicolaus Copernicus and Albert Einstein became the target of ridicule after they proposed theories that were ...

Who should be rocketed into space?

Posted on December 20th by Tom Yulsman.
Grist's still uncorrected headline about sending climate change deniers into orbit raises questions about journalistic standards in the age of proliferating niche media In this photo from the Seattle PI, California Gov. ...

Pictures tell the story

Posted on March 16th by Tom Yulsman.
A picture is worth a thousand words — never more true than with these disturbing images. This satellite image, courtesy of DigitalGlobe, was captured Wednesday morning. It clearly shows ...

Nuclear power and the decarbonization challenge

Posted on March 14th by Tom Yulsman.
Damned if we do, and damned if we don't? Severe damage caused by hydrogen explosions at two containment buildings housing nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear station in Japan is ...

“Today’s tsunami: This is what climate change looks like”

Posted on March 11th by Tom Yulsman.
And the story in Grist with that headline is what yellow journalism looks like Explosions at industrial facilities like the one pictured above in Ichihara, Japan; a destroyed village inundated by water; ...

The Coven

Posted on March 9th by Tom Yulsman.
The unmasking of our little secret — the Environmental Journalism Coven — began with Randy Olson's comments at DotEarth: The media were irrelevant and largely blameless in Climategate. The whole incident ...

Sobering news from Greenland and Antarctica

Posted on March 8th by Tom Yulsman.
The Greenland Ice Sheet meets the sea in this picture by Eric Rignot of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. . Melting of ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland is accelerating, according to a new ...

No serious energy policy in sight

Posted on March 7th by Tom Yulsman.
Global warming debate in Congress almost seems like a sex addiction As oil prices rise, Rep. Ed Whitfield will hold hearings on global warming Here we go again . . . The ...

Confusion on global-warming link to snowstorms

Posted on March 4th by Tom Yulsman.
Do we really need psychologists to explain it? The "Groundhog Day Blizzard" swirls across a large expanse of the United States on Feb. 1, 2011, as seen in this satellite image. The ...

In the curve

Posted on March 1st by Tom Yulsman.
How we know CO2 in the atmosphere is increasing — and it’s our bad Duane Kitzis, a NOAA scientist, hauls a load of empty cylinders up Niwot Ridge in Colorado's Front Range. From a ...

I’m back

Posted on March 1st by Tom Yulsman.
If you've been a regular reader of CEJournal, you've probably noticed that I've been gone for awhile. I should have hung a 'gone fishin' sign here to let people know where I ...

Graphics tell the story of record melting in Greenland

Posted on January 22nd by Tom Yulsman.
This movie, produced by the Cryospheric Processes Laboratory, consists of stills and video collected during 2009 and 2010. Meltwater is the theme. The vocal is a Shaman Inuit Chant. Greenland experienced a ...

The great water heist

Posted on January 20th by Tom Yulsman.
The Colorado River near Moab, Utah. New research suggests that dust falling on snow in the mountains where the river is born is robbing it of enough water to serve Los Angeles ...