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Things added in April, 2009

Data-mining company warned about flu 18 days before alert

Posted on April 30th by Tom Yulsman.
A biosurveillance firm alerted the World Health Organization of a possible outbreak of swine flu 18 days before the agency issued its first alert, according to a story by ...

Flu-CAFO link: ‘Blogs deserve credit for calling press into action’

Posted on April 30th by Tom Yulsman. %
But the Columbia Journalism Review also criticizes "finger-pointing tone" and lack of substance Bloggers have been calling on the mainstream news media to be more aggressive in investigating the possible link between ...

Dumb and Dumber at Rommland

Posted on April 29th by Tom Yulsman. 10
A quick cross post from Keith Kloor over at Collide-a-Scape: So the Indispensable One is telling his choir to ignore a prestigious, internationally respected journal that has just devoted ...

Swine flu coverage: hype or tail-chasing?

Posted on April 28th by Tom Yulsman. %
We need more and better coverage of the historical and scientific context of the flu outbreak   Embedded video from CNN Video  The over-the-top, hyped-up Headline News report above isn't exactly what ...

What mainstream media aren’t telling you about the swine flu outbreak

Posted on April 27th by Tom Yulsman. 7
A mother sow nurses her piglets in a confined animal feeding operation, or CAFO. (Source: Wikimedia Commons.) . Industrial-scale hog operations may raise the risk of human ...

Flu outbreak spreading worldwide; initial response poor

Posted on April 25th by Tom Yulsman.
Possible link to massive hog farming operation in Mexican town   This simulation shows how a moderately contagious pandemic flu could spread in the United States. Each dot portrays a Census tract ...

An icy obsession

Posted on April 23rd by Tom Yulsman.
  Another day, another chorus of climate skeptics grasping at straws First there was Anthony Watts claiming that Arctic sea ice is in fine shape. Then we had the spectacle of Neil ...

An icy Antarctic paradox

Posted on April 21st by Tom Yulsman. 3
The ozone hole is masking the impact of global warming in Antarctica This image from NASA's Aura satellite shows the extent of severe ozone depletion over Antarctica in September ...

Running on Empty Redux

Posted on April 20th by Tom Yulsman. 2
  The Colorado River flows through eastern Utah near Moab. A new study suggests use of the river water is unsustainable. (Photo: Tom Yulsman)   John Fleck writes about a new study ...

Running on empty

Posted on April 18th by Tom Yulsman.
Decreasing flow and unrelenting demand on the Colorado River    The solid lines in the graphs above show historical water use in the Colorado River system. (Source: When will Lake Mead ...

John Fleck: The Incredible Shrinking Lake Mead

Posted on April 18th by Tom Yulsman. 5
The level of Lake Mead has dropped significantly, as the white "bathtub ring" in this photo demonstrates.  (Photo: Chris M. Richards, via Flickr Creative Commons)  In his blog today, ...

James Hansen on civil disobedience against coal plants and other issues

Posted on April 17th by Tom Yulsman. %
Part 1 of an interview in which the NASA scientist discusses global warming, tipping points in the climate system, and climate policy   On April 10, freelance journalist  Susan Moran and ...

Easter Island Denial

Posted on April 12th by Tom Yulsman. 10
On this Easter Sunday, the island of the same name points toward a necessary turning point in our history. Photo: Vtveen, from Flickr Creative Commons   In his column in ...

James Hansen: Reduce CO2 in atmosphere or face catastrophe

Posted on April 10th by Tom Yulsman. 10
NOAA scientists agree the risks are high, but say Hansen overstates what science can really say for sure Jim Hansen at the University of Colorado's World Affairs Conference (Photo: Tom Yulsman) ...

There he goes again

Posted on April 9th by Tom Yulsman. 4
George Will's latest foray into climate science is no better than the previous two I've spent way too much time focusing on the George Will Climate Change Follies so I hesitated ...