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Things added in November, 2009

The big leap

Posted on November 29th by Tom Yulsman. 9
In a blog posting a few days ago, I called for greater transparency in climate science, and a fair, impartial examination of what happened at the Climatic Research Unit. And ...

“Manning up” — excellent analysis by Ben Hale

Posted on November 28th by Tom Yulsman. 2
Ben Hale, my colleague here at the University of Colorado, has written an excellent analysis of the CRU email controversy, focusing on Michael Mann's recent response posted ...

“Eye of the storm” — Keith Kloor profiles James Hansen

Posted on November 28th by Tom Yulsman. %
James Hansen speaks at the University of Colorado in April of 2009. (Photo: Tom Yulsman) Nature Reports Climate Change has published a provocative profile of James Hansen, appropriately titled "The Eye ...

Monbiot: environmentalists in denial over CRU emails

Posted on November 25th by Tom Yulsman. 71
Update 11/26/09: See Roger Pielke, Jr.'s post about peer review. He provides an illuminating analysis of how peer review seems to have become politicized. He refers to this Read More →

Climate scientists should be “named and fired, drawn and quartered”

Posted on November 24th by Tom Yulsman. 10
Rush Limbaugh went on an extended rant today about global warming, liberals, and climate scientists, triggered by the hacked CRU emails. Here is a portion of what he said: They're all ...

Read this important perspective on the email imbroglio

Posted on November 23rd by Tom Yulsman. 3
[caption id="attachment_2331" align="alignleft" width="143" caption="Judith Curry"][/caption] Talk about a breath of fresh air! After reading Judith Curry's post at Climate Audit on the need for more transparency with regard to ...

The case for human-caused warming without Jones & Mann

Posted on November 23rd by Tom Yulsman. 37
My friend and colleague Keith Kloor suggested I post something on why I think the hacked emails of climate scientists at the Climate Research Unit do not shake the overall ...

Hacking at climate science

Posted on November 20th by Tom Yulsman. 2
Update 11/21/09, 12:30 p.m. MST: Bud Ward at the Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media has excellent advice for journalists and serious bloggers on how to deal with the ...

The Roof of the World’s ice cover is melting

Posted on November 19th by Tom Yulsman.
If you haven't seen "On Thinner Ice: Melting Glaciers on the Roof of the World," I highly recommend it. The image above is a screenshot from the opening ...

Western forests respond to climate change

Posted on November 18th by Tom Yulsman. %
[caption id="attachment_2295" align="alignright" width="350" caption="Declining spring snowpack is slowing uptake of CO2 from this subalpine forest in Colorado's Front Range"][/caption] The new findings announced this week that bristlecone pines in ...

Record high temps far more common than record lows

Posted on November 12th by Tom Yulsman. 2
The red and blue bars above shows the ratio of record daily highs to record daily lows observed at about 1,800 weather stations in the 48 contiguous United States ...

SuperFreakonomics and the “parable of horseshit”

Posted on November 9th by Tom Yulsman. 7
In Elizabeth Kolbert's view, the new book "SuperFreakonomics" by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner can be summed up with one word. Horeshit. In a review of ...

Bone dry in the Colorado basin

Posted on November 8th by Tom Yulsman. 5
The clouds hinted at precipitation but never delivered as the Colorado River rolled west toward Moab, Utah in this picture shot in March of 2009. (Photo: Tom Yulsman) My colleague John ...

Remote Arctic lake tells of unprecedented environmental change

Posted on November 5th by Tom Yulsman. 9
Study suggests changes at remote Arctic lake likely the result of human-caused climate change [caption id="attachment_2248" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Yarrow Axford"][/caption] I've been meaning to write a post about this one for ...

Must read: a stinging rebuke of Joe Romm’s McCarthy tactics

Posted on November 4th by Tom Yulsman. 17
In a post at their Breakthrough Institute blog, Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus offer a full-throated statement of support for journalists like Keith Kloor who have incurred ...