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Things added in August, 2010


Another big chunk of Arctic ice breaks loose

Posted on August 31st by Tom Yulsman.
This one has apparently broken free from the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf on Ellesmere Island in Canada. It's about the size of Bermuda — much smaller the gargantuan chunk of ice ...

It’s starting to look a lot like La Niña

Posted on August 31st by Tom Yulsman.
In it's most recent analysis, the Climate Prediction Center of the National Weather Service noted developing La Niña conditions, with cool sea surface temperature anomalies strengthening across the central ...

Lomborg: spend $100 billion a year to combat global warming

Posted on August 31st by Group1. 4
Science panel: IPCC needs fundamental reforms Joe Romm: Andrew Revkin is the devil [caption id="attachment_3575" align="alignleft" width="199" caption="Bjørn Lomborg"][/caption] In an interview in the Guardian yesterday, the "skeptical environmentalist," Read More →

Sea ice clears and fabled passages open

Posted on August 28th by Tom Yulsman.
For only the fourth time in recorded history, sea ice has melted enough for the fabled Northwest Passage to open. At the same time, the Northeast Passage along the ...

Russian heat wave a “black swan” event

Posted on August 24th by Tom Yulsman. 3
NOAA scientist: natural phenomenon principal cause; no link found to global warming As a followup to my earlier post on the possible connection between global warming and the Russian ...

A wave out of Africa: birth of a hurricane

Posted on August 23rd by Tom Yulsman. 2
Danielle now a Category 1 hurricane. Watch its birth below Update 8/23: I replaced the original global image with this close up of the North Atlantic. It depicts the formation ...

“Ecological about-face”: global plant productivity declines

Posted on August 19th by Tom Yulsman. %
This image, based on data from NASA's MODIS instrument on the Terra satellite, shows Earth's plant productivity in 2003. Regions of increased productivity are shown in green, with decreased ...

Intense heat in Indo-Pacific threatens widespread death of corals

Posted on August 19th by Tom Yulsman.
This image is from NOAA's Environmental Visualization Laboratory. It depicts an intense hot spot of ocean warming centered in the Indo-Pacific. Here's NOAA's explanation: Ocean temperatures in the ...

Senate candidate: global warming caused by sunspots

Posted on August 17th by Tom Yulsman. %
Never mind that spots all but disappeared from the Sun in recent years The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel brings us news about Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson's views on global warming. ...

Sea ice clearing early from Northwest Passage

Posted on August 17th by Tom Yulsman.
This quote from today's National Snow and Ice Data Center's update on Arctic sea ice caught my attention: Conditions in the Northwest Passage are quite variable and do ...

Global warming did not “cause” Russian heat, Pakistani floods

Posted on August 17th by Tom Yulsman. 14
Scientists have not yet proven cause and effect. But climate researcher Peter Stott says extreme weather events are on the rise — as climate models have long predicted [caption id="" align="alignleft" ...

NCDC on July heat: 2nd warmest on record

Posted on August 13th by Tom Yulsman.
Two days after NASA issued its analysis of global temperatures in July, the National Climatic Data Center today released its global highlights for July 2010. According to the ...

Is CNN throwing its own stuff down the media memory hole?

Posted on August 13th by Tom Yulsman.
At the end of July, CNN ran an article online about the recent NOAA report documenting how specific, climate-related indicators all point in the same direction: toward an increasingly warmer ...

July continues trend of record-breaking global heat

Posted on August 11th by Tom Yulsman.
January-July 2010 warmest on record — just as a low in solar energy should have been cooling the Earth UPDATE: Yesterday GISS released the data on which this post was ...

I wanted to report some good news today

Posted on August 11th by Tom Yulsman. %
But with one small debatable exception, there is none. In fact, here in Boulder even the good news is bad news. Perhaps tomorrow's picture will be better.