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Things added in December, 2010


The West gets hosed

Posted on December 29th by Tom Yulsman. 4
Forecast details at the bottom of this post A gusher of precipitable water in the atmosphere spewing from the Pacific, seen in this image from the Cooperative ...

Is it cold because it’s warm?

Posted on December 29th by Tom Yulsman.
As a new monster storm gathers, the debate rages on The reverberations from Judah Cohen's it's cold-because-it's-warm N.Y. Times op-ed are still being heard around the blogosphere — as ...

Weather happens

Posted on December 27th by Tom Yulsman. 3
Winter does too People made their way through Times Square on Sunday evening as the Northeastern blizzard pushed into New York. (Photo courtesy of asterix611 via Flickr Creative ...

Mercury Rising

Posted on December 22nd by Tom Yulsman. 5
How will we know if 2010 was the warmest year on record? I'm guessing it won't come down to this — urban hipsters lounging on a rooftop with the sea ...

EarthArt: What are you looking at?

Posted on December 18th by Tom Yulsman. 4
I came across the image above while doing some research for my next post (which, by the way, will explain the differences between the three major analyses of global temperature ...

Is my science journalism compromised by politics?

Posted on December 11th by Tom Yulsman. 27
What about climate scientists? Are their findings biased by politics and other factors? [caption id="attachment_4683" align="alignright" width="260" caption="Al and me. "][/caption] There's been a lot of talk lately about bias in science. ...

The heat goes on . . .

Posted on December 10th by Tom Yulsman. 2
Despite a strong La Niña, the past "meteorological year" was the warmest on record. With one month to go in 2010, the calendar year may well enter the record books too. Read More →

EarthArt: What are you looking at?

Posted on December 3rd by Tom Yulsman. 5
This stunning image was shot by the Landsat 7 satellite back in 1999. If you squint a bit, it sort of resembles of tiger's head. But it's actually an ...

“Ground zero for climate change”

Posted on December 1st by Tom Yulsman. 3
Former CEJ environmental journalism fellow Susan Moran reports from Palmer Station in Antarctica My good friend and colleague Susan Moran shot the picture above from the Palmer ...