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This item was posted on September 7, 2010, and it was categorized as Wildfire.
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The Fourmile Canyon fire blazing in the foothills of Rockies just west of Boulder has burned more than 3,500 acres and prompted the evacuation of more than 3,500 people. At least a dozen homes have burned, including those of four firefighters. Boulder County officials say it could be several days before the fire is contained.

The fire with its long, arcing smoke plume is evident from space, as the satellite images below from the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies reveal. Click on each one for an animated time-lapse loop of imagery. (Also: Check out the CIMSS blog for more satellite imagery.)

Update 9/7/10 5 p.m: Today, NASA’s Earth Observatory published a modified version of the image immediately below as the “Image of the Day.” I’ve included it at the bottom of this post.

The smoke plume from the Fourmile Canyon fire just west of Boulder, Colorado streams eastward for almost 100 miles on Sept. 6th.

The GOES-13 satellite captured this image of the Fourmile Canyon fire plume just as dusk fell on Sept. 6 (local time).

Another view from the GOES-13 satellite, enhanced to reveal the hotspot of the Fourmile Canyon fire.

Here’s a modified version of the top image, published today by NASA’s Earth Observatory as the “Image of the Day.” The view is broader, and the red outline over the foothills shows where satellite sensors indicate high surface temperatures associated with the Fourmile Canyon fire.
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You can follow comments through the RSS 2.0 feed. Both comments and trackbacks are closed.

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