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Pictures tell the story

Posted on March 16th by Tom Yulsman. 2
A picture is worth a thousand words — never more true than with these disturbing images. This satellite image, courtesy of DigitalGlobe, was captured Wednesday morning. It ...

The Homer Simpson-John Riggins plan for energy independence

Posted on October 26th by Tom Yulsman. 4
Just as the prospects for solar energy are looking up, could the new Congress wind up promoting a new vision of "renewable" energy that includes nuclear power and even ...

Climate change: No new narrative in sight

Posted on October 21st by Tom Yulsman. 7
I just don't find it terribly newsworthy that Tea Party candidates and their supporters oppose cap-and-trade legislation, and doubt humankind's impact on the climate. Do you? But evidently, the New York ...

Are the risks from nuclear power worth the rewards?

Posted on September 22nd by Tom Yulsman.
Len Ackland, the CEJ's co-director and my colleague here at the School of Journalism & Mass Communication, has written a piece for the Natural Hazards Observer on nuclear power. ...

Can Germany survive without nuclear power?

Posted on July 6th by Tom Yulsman. 4
Germany's Biblis B nuclear reactor with its two cooling towers. (Photo: Len Ackland)  By Len Ackland This article has been updated since it was first posted to include links to sources of ...

Cap-and-trade hangover

Posted on May 21st by Tom Yulsman. 6
Two days ago, I drank the cap-and-trade Kool-Aid, spiked by a generous portion of climate modeling. I wrote that if the legislation likely to pass a House committee today ...

Cap-and-trade: how much would the legislation tame global warming?

Posted on May 19th by Tom Yulsman. 6
NCAR climate modeler Tom Wigley runs several scenarios for CEJournal to find the answer How big an impact would the cap-and-trade legislation now being marked up in a House committee actually ...

Three major developments on climate change today

Posted on March 10th by Tom Yulsman.
EPA gets ready to declare CO2 a danger to the public     This video portrays results from a new system for mapping CO2 emissions in the United States over time. In April, ...

Open notebook: Tips for reporters on the coming climate wars

Posted on January 16th by Tom Yulsman. %
Editor’s note: This is the fifth installment in my open notebook project. (The previous posting was a Q&A with Roger Pielke, Jr.) As I mentioned in my first post, ...

Open notebook: interview with Peter Dykstra, formerly of CNN

Posted on January 6th by Tom Yulsman. 4
Editor’s note: This is the third installment in my open notebook project. As I mentioned in my first post, I’ve been commissioned to write about the future of the ...

Tenn. GOP Chair to Republicans: acknowledge coal ash disaster

Posted on December 30th by Tom Yulsman.
Christian Granthan reports in his blog at Nashville is Talking that Tennessee GOP Chair Robin Smith is Twittering about the coal ash spill. In the Tweet Granthan turned ...

EPA implies coal-ash-tainted river water safe to drink occasionally

Posted on December 29th by Tom Yulsman. %
A billion gallons of coal ash sludge fan out from the Tennessee Valley Authority's Kingston Fossil Plant. (Photo: TVA)   A "very high" concentration of cancer-causing arsenic has been found ...

Resident: TVA has “done nothing to address our issues”

Posted on December 27th by Tom Yulsman. 3
    The latest on the massive spill of coal ash in Tennessee, from an MSNBC video    As the size of the coal ash spill in Tennessee was being revised upward ...

Coal waste dumps: ticking toxic time bombs

Posted on December 26th by Tom Yulsman. 14
  A truly frightening video from ground zero of the coal ash catastrophe  The New York Times reports today that the coal sludge that surged out of a breached Tennessee ...

Coal sludge: top story in today’s N.Y. Times

Posted on December 25th by Tom Yulsman. %
At long last, the Grey Old Lady has spoken — and loudly — with a front page story that begins like this:   "KINGSTON, Tenn. — What may be the nation's ...