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Water woes likely to continue

Posted on January 4th by Tom Yulsman. %
As Colorado snowpack suffers, La Niña could persist into summer According to the latest forecast from the Climate Prediction Center, issued yesterday, the La Niña conditions that ...

Brisbane floods: a tale of two stories

Posted on January 15th by Tom Yulsman. 14
Were they linked to global warming? Two news outlets offer different answers httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atr16CR6Lus&feature=player_embedded Update: After reading this post, some readers might conclude that I think we should wait to take action to ...

December: the cool got chillier, the warm even toastier

Posted on January 3rd by Tom Yulsman. 5
Climatic seeds planted in September blossom into a fascinating pattern by December When the next round of monthly updates on global temperature trends comes out, my ...

The heat goes on . . .

Posted on December 10th by Tom Yulsman. 2
Despite a strong La Niña, the past "meteorological year" was the warmest on record. With one month to go in 2010, the calendar year may well enter the record books too. Read More →

Will 2010 go down as warmest year on record?

Posted on November 18th by Tom Yulsman.
Global temps have been cooling, but 2010 still has chance of making history NOAA is out with its monthly state of the climate global analysis, and it shows ...

Extreme weather in U.S. higher than normal so far this year

Posted on November 8th by Tom Yulsman.
The National Climatic Data Center is out with it's monthly State of the Climate report. Here's what may be the most notable finding: NCDC's Climate Extremes Index (CEI), which ...

N. Atlantic sea surface temperatures ran high in October

Posted on November 8th by Tom Yulsman. %
Sea surface temperatures in the North Atlantic during October were well above normal, as seen in this image from NOAA's Environmental Visualization Laboratory. Air temperatures in the Arctic ...

Near record La Niña conditions continue

Posted on November 5th by Tom Yulsman. %
One of the strongest La Niña's ever has contributed to wildfires in Colorado and is very likely to impact U.S. weather into the spring Check out this outstanding time-lapse video of ...

Does it matter how warm this past summer was?

Posted on October 1st by Tom Yulsman.
Yes, but only in terms of how it fits in the longer-term trend James Hansen, head of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, has published a new analysis ...

How has the 2010 hurricane season stacked up?

Posted on September 24th by Tom Yulsman. %
Different answers for the N. Atlantic alone and the Northern Hemisphere overall As Hurricane Igor tore through the Atlantic, it drew a large amount of energy from anomalously warm sea ...

Wild and wacky Atlantic hurricane season is not over yet

Posted on September 21st by Tom Yulsman. 2
httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86pNkK0uVMI&feature=player_embedded A barn is swept away by flooding in this dramatic video, shot yesterday on Newfoundland's Burin Peninsula, where 20,000 residents were cut off by washed out roads and closed bridges. (See ...

La Niña may be strengthening at record pace, with potentially dangerous consequences

Posted on September 19th by Tom Yulsman. 8
Experts worry that drought could worsen in Southwest, raising fears of water shortages and wildfire With data acquired by satellite, this map depicts La Niña conditions in tones of blue spreading ...

Here’s what a warming world looks like from space

Posted on September 15th by Tom Yulsman. 4
Late last week, NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies announced that January through August was the warmest such period on record at the surface of the planet. But ...

January-August 2010 warmest in 131 years of record keeping

Posted on September 13th by Tom Yulsman.
But La Niña conditions may help moderate temperatures for the rest of the year As the maps above show, 2010 continues to be extremely warm around the globe. The January through August ...

It’s starting to look a lot like La Niña

Posted on August 31st by Tom Yulsman.
In it's most recent analysis, the Climate Prediction Center of the National Weather Service noted developing La Niña conditions, with cool sea surface temperature anomalies strengthening across the central ...