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Water woes likely to continue

Posted on January 4th by Tom Yulsman. %
As Colorado snowpack suffers, La Niña could persist into summer According to the latest forecast from the Climate Prediction Center, issued yesterday, the La Niña conditions that ...

The Coven

Posted on March 9th by Tom Yulsman. 40
The unmasking of our little secret — the Environmental Journalism Coven — began with Randy Olson's comments at DotEarth: The media were irrelevant and largely blameless in Climategate. The ...

Climate change “skeptic” vs “denier”: call me “INSANE”!

Posted on November 22nd by Tom Yulsman. 11
Over the weekend, I took part in an exchange of emails among a group of journalists, academics, scientists and bloggers on a subject that never fails to get a ...

Stalactites foretell an increasingly dry Southwest

Posted on January 31st by Tom Yulsman. 3
The climate bats last... As an international media storm continues to rage over allegations of fraud by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and its director, Rahendra K. Pachauri, ...

Bone dry in the Colorado basin

Posted on November 8th by Tom Yulsman. 5
The clouds hinted at precipitation but never delivered as the Colorado River rolled west toward Moab, Utah in this picture shot in March of 2009. (Photo: Tom Yulsman) My colleague John ...

Joe Romm trash talk — an update

Posted on November 3rd by Tom Yulsman. 5
John Fleck has an excellent post at his blog, Inkstain, about the latest Rommulan eruption — this one trashing Keith Kloor for his blogging on climate change. As ...

Running on Empty Redux

Posted on April 20th by Tom Yulsman. 2
  The Colorado River flows through eastern Utah near Moab. A new study suggests use of the river water is unsustainable. (Photo: Tom Yulsman)   John Fleck writes about a new study ...

Running on empty

Posted on April 18th by Tom Yulsman.
Decreasing flow and unrelenting demand on the Colorado River    The solid lines in the graphs above show historical water use in the Colorado River system. (Source: When will Lake Mead ...

John Fleck: The Incredible Shrinking Lake Mead

Posted on April 18th by Tom Yulsman. 5
The level of Lake Mead has dropped significantly, as the white "bathtub ring" in this photo demonstrates.  (Photo: Chris M. Richards, via Flickr Creative Commons)  In his blog today, ...

George Will Unmasked

Posted on March 7th by Tom Yulsman. 9
Washington Post Columnist repeats falsehoods yet again   In an interview today, George Will seems to imply without saying so explicitly that maybe, just maybe, he was wrong when he falsely ...

The Believers

Posted on March 3rd by Tom Yulsman. 13
After weeks of blogging it out with perfervid advocates on both side of the climate policy debate, I feel as if I've been slogging through a thorn thicket growing in ...

Al Gore versus George Will

Posted on February 23rd by Tom Yulsman. 2
UPDATE TO ORIGINAL POST, 2/24/09: See Andrew Revkin's news analysis in the New York Times, here Natural disasters 1995-2008 In a recent speech to the AAAS, Al Gore said a ...